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NLP Magazine Issue #03

22 May 2014
by nlpmag
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NLP Magazine Issue 03 Contents1NLP Magazine Issue 03 Contents2

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* ROBERT DILTS – shines light on the concept of positive intention and reveals key factors about the enhancement of both personal excellence and the collective intelligence.

* RICHARD BOLSTAD – looks at the physical effects of your choices about owning your stuff, and the results are something you will want to know about. Being at Cause Part 2.

* OLIVER CORCHIA – unpacks the Strategies of Quality of Being In Relation, from Robert Dilts: an unexpected journey of insight and delight fro a new era.

* NICK KEMP and ANDREW AUSTIN – discuss ‘Practitioners Behaving Badly‘. While most aspire toward a quality of practice, like any field, you can always find someone behaving like a quack. State Of The ART

* JUDITH DeLOZIER – NLP is evolving, and what emerged in the 90s is shaping the NLP fundamentals of the future: Third Generation NLP.

* ANDREW AUSTIN – Thought provoking as much as it is an effective cutting edge technique, Andy Austin shares a different approach to change with Integral Eye Movement Therapy or IEMT.

* NLP RESEARCH & RECOGNITION: RICHARD GRAY – The Brooklyn Program: It Didn’t look or feel like an Addiction Recovery Program, but the award-winning program worked better than many for something that was ‘Not Addiction Recovery’.

* The World’s first Worldwide NLP Conference online: NLP PLANET

* Biofeedback system for use with state training for self or clients.

* Personality WEALTH Profiles and more!

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