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The internet is a vast space. If you google “NLP” you’ll find over 43 million responses. Tighten that to “NLP Training” and you’ll still get over 1 million responses.

Given that search results also include various other terms mixed in like “Natural Language Processing” and National Liberal Party, without already knowing something about the industry, it is clearly getting more and more difficult to know how to filter out the rejects from the quality information about Neuro-linguistic Programming.

NLP Magazine helps people save a heap of time by collating and delivering quality meaningful NLP content. Content that includes interesting articles from experts and innovators and is accompanied by audio and/or video. Content that is suitable to a diverse range of viewers from professionals through to practitioners and the curious public. Content that is delivered directly to your device in the most effective and convenient way possible.

There is a mass of high-quality NLP content online that deserves an opportunity to be seen and recognised by viewers without them having to dig for hours to find it! And if you happen to have or know of an article that might be suitable for inclusion in NLP Magazine, I would be please to learn more about it.

Here are some useful guidelines that can help you.



If you would like to contribute your written article/s and/or associated audio-visual content, please ensure it meets the following criteria before you suggest it for publishing.



Due to the nature of the concepts, models, processes and presuppositions in the field of NLP, articles for republishing must:

  • Be grammatically correct.
  • Be Spell-checked (whatever your native English is – US/UK etc).
  • It must solve or speak to a problem, solution, process or outcome etc. (ie. it must have a point and purpose).
  • It must follow logical structure: Intro > Body > Conclusion etc. 
  • If images are provided they must be copyright free or have authorisation from the image owner.

– Google for help on such topics as grammar and essay structure if needed.

– No formatting (bold/italics/etc) please.

– Plain text: Helvetica Neue Light Font size 21.

– Regular Structured paragraphs.

Small (to 600wrds) = approx 5 iPad pages with images
Regular (to 1000wrds) = approx 8 iPad pages with images
Large (to 2200wrds) = approx 15 iPad pages with images

Your article should minimise self-promotion and deliver useful, meaningful content that is of value to the viewer. A short bio with links and a mention of your related product or service is acceptable.



If you would like us to pick up one of your videos for inclusion in the Magazine, there are a number of qualities that must be met (I have often had to ignore some really great content just because the image or audio was sadly lacking in quality).

Your video must be hosted on either Youtube or Vimeo platform. If your videos are elsewhere, you must arrange for a copy to be made available to us and we can host it on our channel (unlisted if you prefer).

To maximise the chance that your video will get a placement in one of the magazine editions, (as well as letting us know about it) be sure to attend to the following:

  • Shoot new videos with sufficient brightness/lighting (avoid dark faces & gloomy rooms)
  • Consider adding brightness to already uploaded videos using the Youtube editor)
  • Upload at highest resolution possible (Youtube can then select accordingly)
  • Minimise audio echoes by using a suitable microphone.
  • Consider the ambient noise around you when using the camera’s microphone – it will often pick up everything else like traffic, conversations, restaurant kitchen noise etc.
  • Ensure there is sufficient volume, tone and clarity.



– Hi-resolution (Required for iPad Retina displays) 100dpi minimum (300dpi recommended)
– .png only
– full page images at 768w x 1024h (200dpi/ppi or greater)
– Portrait photo (Cover image = 768×1024 at 300dpi minimum)



Selling your products

We Can Not Sell Items That Compete Directly With Apple – for example: An electronic book or Kindle book.

We Can Not Directly Sell Services ie. Coaching.

Promotion of a Product typically falls into the category of advertisements. If this is your outcome, please enquire about our advertising options to receive our rate card.


You can send your submissions for inclusion to:

info @ nlpmagazine . com









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