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Q: Who is Responsible for Providing Support to NLP Magazine app users

A: We at NLP Magazine are responsible to provide support for users of our app.


Q: I have subscribed, but when I tap to download the magazine, it asks me to pay for it – what’s up with this? If you see the Yellow Subscribe button, it means that the Apple servers and your device are not ‘aligned’ to your account purchase history**.

**Also Check Through The FAQs Below!

A:  This can occur when:

  • Upgrading to a new device,
  • Restarting after you have RESET your device, or similar situation.

1. Check that you are signed in with the same apple id as the one used to purchase your subscription – if friends or relatives have been using your device, they may have logged in with their id and failed to log out).

2. If you have already subscribed, you should normally see the Black RESTORE button.

3. Tap the RESTORE button to restore those apps previously purchased with this apple id.

NOTE: If you have checked these things, please send us the following information to help you troubleshoot:
• A screenshot of your app home page.

• Your device Token Number (Settings>Contact Us [attach your screenshot and send])

Q: I have a NEW APPLE iOS DEVICE. How can I get NLP Magazine on my new iPhone or iPad without being charged twice?

NOTE: Be sure you are logged in with the same apple id you used when you first purchased the app you wish to re-download.

Reinstalling apps on your iPad device:

  1. Launch App Store on your iPad.
  2. Tap on Purchased button from the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap on Not on This iPad.
  4. Tap on Cloud icon next to app that you want to re-install and you are done.

Reinstalling apps on your iPhone device:

  1. Tap on App Store Icon on your iPhone
  2. Tap on the “Updates tab” present in the right end of the bottom navigation.
  3. Tap on “Purchased” tab at the top to view all your purchased apps.
  4. If you have “Family Sharing” enabled, Tap on the person’s name who bought the app.
  5. If Family Sharing is NOT enabled: Tap on the “Not on This iPhone” on the right. This leaves out the apps you have already installed on your new device and tells the app store to send you the rest.
  6. Tap the download icon – “cloud” on the right of the apps you want to install and re-download it free of cost.

Q: Is there a version for ANDRIOD?

A: YES. You can find NLP Magazine on Google Play here


Q: I have a new ANDRIOD phone or tablet. How can I get NLP Magazine on my new device without paying again?

As technology changes, your purchases can go with you to your new device if you are using the same appstore id as the one you used when you made your purchase (this is the same for both iOS and Android).

Reinstalling apps on your ANDROID device:

  1. Be sure you are logged in to Google Play Account with your appstore id (if you have made a purchase at any time, you will have one of these).
  2. Open the Google Play Store app .
  3. Touch Menu > My Apps and games > All.
  4. Touch the app you want to reinstall.
  5. Touch Install .

NOTE: There are two ways to add apps back on your device depending on whether you downloaded the app or if it came preinstalled:

  • Reinstall downloaded apps: When you download an app on Google Play, the app is connected to your Google Account. This means you can reinstall downloaded apps to new or reset devices without purchasing them again.

You can get more info from Google Play here:

Q: My App is crashing. How can I fix this?

A: There are two elements to check.

1st. Do you have iPad 2 or better? … Current magazines make the most of digital graphics, unfortunately this is where the iPad 1 fails most. This is due to its limited RAM (265mb), and inability to update iOS beyond version 5xx. Currently we do all we can to keep graphics streamlined, but there will soon come a day when nothing more can be done but upgrade the device.

2nd. Is it just a faulty auto-install? … The NLP Magazine App has been extensively battle tested, so most problems (more than half) happen from a poor auto-install. Interrupting the download stream can occasionally cause this for example, but there can be any number of reasons.

Regardless of what caused it >>Here’s the Best way to CLEAR MOST PROBLEMS FAST! Follow these steps to delete and reinstall, Hard restart to clear your device and more:


Q: How do I take a screenshot with my iPad?

A: Simply click on the Home Button and the Power Button at the same time. Your imgae will be saved to your Photos.


Q: I subscribed but I still see the YELLOW Subscribe button and no issue is downloaded.

A: This may occur on rare occasions due to a connection error between the iPad and the Apple servers. If this happens please follow these steps to delete and reinstall the app:

1. Delete the magazine:

On Apple: Double press the home button to ensure you have exited the magazine, then swipe up on all open apps to close them. Locate the NLP Magazine App and press and hold on top of the magazine. All the apps will start to shake. Tap on the red “X” sign to DELETE the magazine app from your device.
On Android: Locate the NLP Magazine App and press and hold on top of the magazine. A trash can will appear in the menu. Drag the app to the trash.

2. Make sure you are logged in with the same Apple id / Play Store account that subscribed to the magazine. To do this:
On Apple: Tap on the Settings app, scroll down and check that the same Apple ID is being used. If not, sign out and sign in with the correct Apple ID.
On Android: Tap on the Play Store app. A screen should appear with your Play Store email id. Check that it is correct. If not, sign out and sign in with the correct ID.

3. Download and reinstall the NLP Magazine App. – CONNECT TO WIFI

On Apple:
• Tap on the App Store app.
• In the bottom left tap on “Featured”
• In the top right search field type “NLP Magazine” and scroll through results.
• Tap on the Download button and enter your Apple ID if required- tap Yes to get important notifications.
• The app will begin downloading.

On Android:
• Tap on the Play Store app.
• In the top search field, search for NLP Magazine.
• Tap on “Install” and the app will download to your device.

The magazine should open automatically. If not, locate the app and tap on it to launch it. The splash page will appear first, followed by the magazine. Your app home page should now be updated and the yellow Subscribe button would have been replaced with a grey Restore button.

4. Restore all purchases. You can tap on the restore button if desired to re-download all previously purchased magazine issues at no cost.



A: Contrary to what many people believe, we have no control over your purchases (and rightly so!). The good news is, it’s all up to you. So here are the steps to deactivate any subscriptions you may have.

On Apple:

1. Tap on Settings App, Scroll and Tap on Store, Scroll down and Tap on your Apple ID,
2. Then Tap on “View App, Scroll Down and Tap on Manage in the Subscriptions Section,
3. You will see your Magazine subscriptions, Tap on the one you want to Subscription details will be shown.
4. Turn auto-renewal to OFF

ALTERNATIVELY – please follow the relevant steps here

On Android: 

1.Launch the Google Play Store app.
2. Tap Menu -> My Apps -> Subscriptions and tap on the app of the subscription you’d like to cancel.
ALTERNATIVELY – tap Menu -> My Apps -> Tap the app of the subscription you’d like to cancel -> Tap the app’s details page.

Q: How does the purchase process work?

A: As an user of NLP Magazine app, you can either subscribe to our magazine or you can buy single issues. If you subscribe (Auto-Renewal) you will get a discounted access to the current published issue and have discounted access to any future issues while you remain a subscriber.

If you purchase a single issue, you will be able to view only that issue after your successful purchase. 


Q: How do Special Issues Work?

A: Special Issues are different in the sense that they are not part of the magazine subscription. They are independent ‘stand-alone’ special issues such as a ‘Collection Edition’, ‘Anniversary Issue’ or other occasion. Subscriptions do not include Special issues. Special issues are additional magazines that are made available as a separate purchase. They will have a red “Special” sash and will appear below the top section.


Q: My new mags are not always delivered automatically

A: We love App store technology,  but it is not perfect. Push Notifications are awesome but sometimes a user’s ipad can drop push notification connection. Weird but it happens. What you can do is to turn off Wifi, turn on Airplane mode, then reconnect to wifi. Something else you can try is to connect to another wifi network for a while and then switch back to your. Restarting your iPad can also sometimes help.


Q: Is there a print version of NLP Magazine?

A: No. NLP Magazine is digital format only, and this lets us include fantastic video and audio content.


Q: Can I read NLP Magazine on my pc or laptop?

A: Not yet… NLP Magazine has been designed specifically for mobile devices. The convenience of having all the quality NLP experts at hand in your pocket is unmatched. Just be sure your device is large enough for comfortable viewing. We recommend an iPhone 6 size or larger so you get the best reading experience possible. However, since this is the only NLP Magazine dedicated to the NLP scholar, practitioner and newbie, we are exploring a suitable platform for the web.

If your question has not been answered here, please get in touch for further information or support:
support @ nlp-magazine. com

Thank you.

Pete Tarca. Publisher.

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