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NLP Magazine Issue #01

22 May 2014
by nlpmag

NLP Magazine Issue 01 Contents

NLP Magazine Issue 01 Contents 2

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KATE BENSON, international Director of Education for the Society of NLP – using NLP in the classroom.

Chris Morris from NLP Connections. Interview by Antonio Perez.

Tim Hallbom outlines a Model for wine tasting created from modelling World expert and Master Sommelier Tim Gaiser.

Garner Thomson delves deep into Medical NLP – the application of NLP to Doctors and those in positions of medical care.

Kris Hallbom introduces the intrinsic power of Dynamic Spin Release.

Steve Andreas lays out a Practical Spirituality.

Robert Dilts describes what it’s like viewing life from a Fourth Perceptual Position – the Window of Wisdom.

– The NLP Research & Recognition project.
– Techniques from the Tubes – The Classic NLP Phobia Cure in 24 Minutes!

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