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Issue #05 is Alive! … with excitement!

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• ARIELLE ESSEX – After using elements of NLP to finally clear a long-standing tumour, Arielle delivers practical core essentials for addressing the matter of mind in times of illness to maximise well being from the inside out.

• DR. L. MICHAEL HALL finds roots of NLP that go back to Abraham Maslow, and he explores the notion of re-positioning NLP in the marketplace by greater alignment with Maslow’s Self- Actualisation model. Thus, NLP: A child of Humanistic Psychology.

• As the fields of Neuroscience and NLP continue their integration, MARVIN OKA & GRANT SOOLASU introduce us to a new term we’ll soon become much more familiar with
*mBraining*. This extends NLP into exciting and refreshing new territory. The paradigm shift has gained momentum!

ROBERT DILTS delivers an in-depth discourse on the origins, applications and wellformedness conditions of one of the most powerful yet easy to grasp methodologies to come out of the NLP tool bag – ANCHORING from the tubes – like you’ve never seen it (PART 1). Next issue we’ll look more at variations and applications.

MODELLING – is that what NLP is?: LUCAS DERKS questions the notion that the only core ideology of NLP is the modelling process and introduces some other factors that may have bearing on our perception of the field.

• NLP DOCUMENTARY: Points of view in The World of NLP
– This video document by Lucas Derks captures a broad scope of thoughts and opinions of 23 people active in the field of NLP around the world. Each offer details in response to four common questions.

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