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NLP Magazine is your quality expose`on the fascinating field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Since our launch in 2012, NLP Magazine has received encouragement and support from industry leaders across the field and around the world.

Embedded with multimedia audio and video, each edition delivers quality content independently sourced from all the experts in the global NLP community right to your mobile device and saves you hours of frustration online sifting through the marketing hype in your search for quality.

The cutting-edge field of NLP is expanding further and faster, and many of the quality articles, learning resources and expert profiles have become lost in the online crowd making it a huge task to differentiate quality between the range of so-called ‘experts’ out there ringing their own bell – you can’t expect Google to sort for quality!

With so much competition these days, newcomers can easily be coerced by those of poor integrity claiming to be the best. And since these people are certainly NOT going to tell you otherwise, how would you know anything different. While this is true in any industry, in this field it is especially important since it openly teaches skills of “Persuasion” and “Influence”. So what are you to do?

Within the filed of NLP, while there are variations in views, models and methods across the industry, such differences do not necessarily presume one form or the other to be of lesser quality or poorer standard. In fact many are not only acceptable, but are encouraged as it keeps the field developing and evolving – but how could you tell, right?

NLP Magazine aims to help you filter the NLP marketplace by featuring those businesses of high-calibre, and showcasing the people with integrity, the products that have value, the trends worth following, the techniques that can be trusted, as well as the considerable research, and developments of merit from the people-industry of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

This is a quality publication with a relaxed yet meaningful tone that informs, educates and entertains through creative use of multimedia resources and content from well respected contributors, presented for the knowledge and enjoyment of those wanting to know more, including NLP practitioners, consultants, coaches and the public in general.

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Peter Tarca.

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